Burial Options

Memoria Ltd… More than simply just a crematoria operator

BURIAL OPTIONS? – If, however, either your own or loved one’s preference is to opt for a full burial then we can fully accommodate that intention at some of our sites.

So, what makes us distinctly different to the choices currently available at neighbouring local authority or parish burial sites?

Essentially – value, quality and all you would expect from the UK’s leading independent crematorium operator.

  • Our Memoria Park includes defined traditional and natural burial sections.
  • We have extensive grounds – some local cemeteries are now reaching capacity so in future your preferences may never be full realised.
  • Unlike the vast majority of council or privately-owned sites who routinely double or even triple fees if the deceased (or the plot purchaser) resides outside the district
  • Our fees are very competitively priced and we also offer variable time options on plot purchases – ranging from 50 to 99 years with further renewal options available.
  • Our grounds are exemplary and kept maintained 365 days of the year with private gated access, the extensive infrastructure we have in place – carparks, pathways, access to utilities (water) etc. that were built to support our crematorium are also available to those wishing to elect for burial.
  • To safeguard both the current and future standards & general appearance of the site, in particular the burial sections, we offer a standard memorial headstone which includes an inscription**). This ensures that you never need worry about the type of memorial that is erected either side of your loved one’s plot.
  • Unlike other cemeteries we don’t charge or levy a permit fee for the right to erect a headstone.
  • Pre-purchasing of burial plots (for funeral plans etc.) is also permissible – many cemeteries now don’t allow this practice.
  • In terms of pre-burial service options; you can use our own on-site chapel facility, a local church or even opt for a graveside service. Our staff or your local Funeral Director will be only too pleased to discuss these options with you.

** mandatory and must be purchased from Memorial Ltd.