Employment Opportunities

Memoria Ltd has a new role available at our North Herts Memorial Park and Crematorium.

ADMINISTRATOR / Memorial Sales Consultant

Responsible for all IT bookings and paper administration within the office with the ability to multi-task across all the disciplines within the crematorium.

Experience Requirements

  • A minimum of 3 years administration experience
  • Strong IT Skills (Microsoft Excel / An administration package)
  • Accounting / book keeping experience

The successful candidate will have strong communication skills, attention to detail, customer relationship management and the ability to multi task effectively across all the roles in the crematorium.

IMPORTANT – The successful candidate will be given comprehensive training to ensure that he/she can multi-task across the 4 roles within the crematorium.

Salary: £28,000 plus commission and performance related bonus.

Please apply by sending a copy of your CV to JPeirson@memoria.org.uk